The Estelle Trust was formed in 2004.  It has supported a range of educational charities and projects but has concentrated a large part of its activities in Zambia.  Zambia was selected as the main area for project-based aid for reasons of need and opportunity.  It is one of the poorest countries in the world, horribly blighted by a very high incidence of HIV/AIDS and with a consequent large population of orphans and vulnerable children.  The political stability of Zambia enables a small organisation such as the Estelle Trust to develop projects in partnership with local charities, church groups and other community aid organisations.

The Estelle Trust's main area of activity in Zambia is the Schools & Communities Assist, Zambia (SCAZ) programme which supports the education, training and social development of orphans and vulnerable children.  This is mainly achieved through active help and technical assistance in the development of Community Schools.  Community Schools are non-government schools: on average 20% of their enrolment is comprised of orphans.

The support provided by the SCAZ programme includes the construction of educational facilities - classrooms, teachers' houses, water supply; the funding of teaching posts and development of teaching skills; the provision of educational resources such as books and tablets; and the supervision of community and health programmes.

The Estelle Trust is a registered charity both in the UK and in Zambia.  Its projects are overseen by a board of trustees and a staff of three people who are experienced in the delivery of development aid.

On a wider front, the Estelle Trust has supported academic research in the effectiveness of aid and education programmes in Africa.  It also contributes to arts and social development charities in the UK.

The Estelle Trust is currently fundraising for the SCAZ programme in Zambia.  All money donated is allocated to specific projects for the Community Schools in the programme.  All UK expenses, overheads and governance costs are paid for by the Estelle Trust.